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Non-Traditional Airport

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Non-traditional franchise opportunities are endless. Anywhere that gets a lot of foot traffic is a potential great location for a Marble Slab Creamery location. Some great locations include travel hubs like airports, which see a heavy amount of foot traffic and diverse clientele every day.

Did You Know…

Why Airports?

Just think about all of the stress and hassle that goes into a trip to the airport. Between arriving early to get through security, baggage screenings, and pat-downs, many people get through the security line feeling frazzled and with plenty of time to wait around for their flight.

And they sure wait.

Many airports recommend that travelers arrive at least two hours early to ensure plenty of time to get through security checks. Typically, travelers find themselves ready to go to their gate with plenty of time to spare. During this spare time, they’ll walk by plenty of businesses designed to get their attention.

Thousands of people walk through busy airports, which means that your ice cream franchise will have thousands of new impressions – and potential customers – daily. Airport travelers are a hungry, captive audience. Some of them are parents trying to juggle the responsibilities of traveling with managing their children. Others are bored, tired of waiting, and looking for something to occupy their time before takeoff. Whatever the case, Marble Slab Creamery’s handmade artisanal ice cream is a welcome treat for weary travelers.

Choosing a Layout

Marble Slab Creamery’s site requirements are flexible. We are used to adapting our buildout to fit locations all over the world, and airports are certainly no exception.

Here are some of the layouts that you can use to maximize your presence and best serve hungry airline passengers:

Inline: One of the benefits of opening an airport location is that many airport restaurants are similar in layout to our mall food court locations. Customers wait in line to order at a counter, and once they have their order, they move on to eat it as they walk to their gate.

Dine-In: A Marble Slab Creamery with its own seating can give travelers a break from the hustle and bustle of the greater airport. Perfect for travelers who want to spend more time enjoying their gourmet ice cream, they can take a seat in your dedicated seating area and enjoy respite from the hectic airport atmosphere.

Kiosk: Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in airports because they can be built up in a number of areas, allowing you greater flexibility in choosing your location. They stand out from the food court, and with our flexible site requirements adapting can be easy.

Pop-up Kiosks: If you’re looking for a short-term opportunity, pop-up kiosks are a great solution. Designed to be set up and taken down easily, these temporary kiosks are a great choice if you’d like to open a seasonal location or during construction times.


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