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Non-Traditional Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities

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Bring Marble Slab’s delectable treats to your market by opening a non-traditional franchise

The biggest difference between non-traditional and traditional Marble Slab franchises is the location. Both store types allow you to serve our fresh ice cream and unlimited mix ins, but the non-traditional ice cream franchise opportunity gives you more flexibility with your location.

What Is a Non-Traditional Franchise?

Traditional Marble Slab franchise locations are inside malls or shopping centers. Non-traditional locations, on the other hand, are in other high-traffic spots that are not part of a mall or shopping center. A non-traditional dessert franchise is a great fit anywhere that customers are walking or driving by in high volumes. The possibilities are endless (check out the bottom of this page for ideas).

The appeal of non-traditional locations is that they are flexible, unique, and special, all with a built-in customer base. Every ice cream kiosk franchise has its own individual feeling and personality, giving customers a unique experience while still providing the delicious ice cream that Marble Slab is famous for.

Marble Slab Works in Non-Traditional Locations

The combination of our years of experience and delicious products has helped us be the authority on making your non-traditional dessert franchise work. Here’s why:

The Advantages of Opening a Non-Traditional Dessert Franchise

Starting a non-traditional franchise provides you with the benefits of having a Marble Slab Creamery franchise. These perks are:

Unique Customer Base

Given that non-traditional franchises are different, your ice cream truck or cart will draw a unique customer base that is dependent on your site. By taking advantage of our non-traditional franchise opportunity, you’ll be able to bring the tasty treats of Marble Slab Creamery to a wider audience. You can attract the following types of individuals depending on the location of your ice cream franchise:
Another great thing about doing business in a non-traditional site is you can do more than bring in new customers. Individuals who love or are familiar with Marble Slab have additional opportunities to enjoy our delectable ice cream at your location, which contributes to your bottom line.

More Opportunities to Attract Customers

When you are running your ice cream franchise at a well-situated, non-traditional location, your store has the potential to draw in many customers. A large concentration of individuals serves as the lifeblood of a non-traditional franchise site, so it is vital for franchisees to select a location with lots of foot traffic.

Non-Traditional Franchise Sites

Need assistance in picking out a good non-traditional franchise location? Start by checking out sites with a lot of foot traffic, such as theme parks, college campuses, and airports. Alternatively, you can go to places with plenty of commuter traffic, such as resorts and city centers. The beauty of running a non-traditional Marble Slab Creamery franchise is you can fit your ice cream cart or truck virtually anywhere. Here are several locations you may want to consider:

Have Inquiries? Reach Out to Us

The non-traditional franchise opportunity we provide you gives you many chances to attract customers. Give us a call if you have any questions or want to find out more about our excellent brand.

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