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Thinking Outside the Mall: Three Great Reasons Why Non-Traditional Franchise Locations Work!

As any one of our franchisees can tell you, a real advantage of the Marble Slab Creamery business model is its incredible flexibility. When you invest with us, you’re given a variety of options for setting up your ice cream kiosk franchise. Many of our owners go the traditional route and open their stores in malls or shopping centers — and these venues are a wonderful fit for the Marble Slab brand of creamy deliciousness! But other franchisees prefer to start out smaller. For them, non-traditional franchise opportunities are more appealing, and for good reason. We’ll take a look at a few of them here. But first, let’s define what we mean by a non-traditional site.

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Airports, Arenas, and Theaters — Oh My!

As we’ve already mentioned, traditional Marble Slab franchise sites are found in malls and shopping centers. Conversely, a non-traditional site is anything found in high-traffic spots that are not part of a mall or shopping center. Essentially what this means is that just about any place that enjoys a steady stream of pedestrian traffic can be potentially exploited as a non-traditional site. Think airports and train stations, college campuses and bowling alleys. And what makes non-traditional franchise opportunities like these such a great idea? Plenty!


Incredible Flexibility

One of the top reasons why a non-traditional site is such a popular option when setting up an ice cream kiosk franchise is flexibility. In fact, a kiosk is just one of many non-traditional layout options available to you when you invest in a Marble Slab location. Food trucks, ice cream cars, walk-ups, and inline locations are all non-traditional variations that integrate nicely in a variety of settings. In short, because non-traditional sites generally require smaller footprints, they can be tailored to their unique surroundings. 


Near-endless Possibilities

As we mentioned earlier, non-traditional franchise opportunities can be identified and capitalized on in a number of locations. Anywhere that enjoys consistent foot traffic becomes a unique opportunity in which to open your Marble Slab store. That means stadium and arenas, military bases, arcades and amusement parks, travel centers and convenience stores are all wonderful environments in which to do business. You are limited only by your imagination. And no matter where you set up shop, the Marble Slab menu of flavors is always popular because we make sure our product is always fresh, always wholesome, and always fun!

Unique Customer Base

Remember how excited you were as a kid (or even as an adult!) when you heard the ice cream truck sing-song down your neighborhood streets in the summertime? That truck catered to a unique customer base of children and parents who looked forward to its arrival every day. You can achieve that same goodwill and neighborly status when you open your non-traditional Marble Slab franchise. No matter where you set up shop, you’ll be offering our sweet and creamy treats to students, military personnel, tourists, shoppers and many more. And while many of your customers will be new to the brand, many more will have already fallen in love with our menu, and will be glad to have found a convenient place in which to indulge. It’s truly a win-win situation!

We’re committed to the idea of non-traditional franchise opportunities because of all these reasons, and more! Contact us today if you think this unique business model is right for you!

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