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Reap the Benefits of Co-branding with a Lower Cost!

Co-branding is really at its height in the world of sports. Take a look at a Nascar event or golf tournament, for example. You’ll immediately pick up on all of the brands working together for greater brand visibility.

In the world of business, co-branding has hit its stride as a phenomenon thanks in large part to social media. With social media and vast advertising and marketing networks, franchises can now co-brand really well. The upside to doing so? You’ll streamline your marketing and advertising and you’ll vastly expand your reach. You can potentially use the same marketing collateral for exponentially greater returns.

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Co-branding Franchise with Global Franchise Group

Marble Slab teamed up with Global Franchise Group a couple of years ago. This meant joining with some huge names in the quick-service restaurant industry. Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, and Hot Dog on a Stick count Global Franchise Group as an indispensable source for marketing collateral, advertising, and corporate guidance.

The idea behind co-branding, in general, is that two brands—in this case, Marble Slab and Great American Cookies work well as co-branding franchises—can come together and experience a synergistic relationship in which the attention and branding benefits flowing to one franchise boosts the other franchise too.

Co-branding between Marble Slab and Great American Cookies boosts brand awareness for both franchises. It also helps each forge a fresh path into new markets. It’s a win all around in the sense that you can use the same advertising space to get the word out in your area about both brands. This is potentially more powerful than each ad would be separately.

Co-branding or Multi-branding…Same Awesome Benefits

With co-branding, you’re bringing together different audiences that might not otherwise meet. This was a somewhat radical concept back in 1992 when it was known as multi-branding. At the time, people envisioned”multi-branding” as the biggest innovation to the QSR industry since the drive-through window.

Co-branding makes sense for logistical reasons. Four of the GFG brands tend to work well in small spaces and even placed side-by-side. If you team up a Marble Slab franchise with Great American Cookies, you can expect a host of logistical benefits. 

All of your franchise locations would be in the same vicinity. This means you would likely save a lot more on marketing and advertising by virtue of having a tighter radius of concern.

Everything from staff, leasing, equipment, and training to oversight and management become simpler with everything concentrated in one place. On a practical level, you won’t have to spend half the day driving around to check in on staff at each of your franchise locations.

For more information on co-branding and the benefits that come with it, be sure to speak with a Marble Slab representative today!

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