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Places That an Ice Cream Franchise Fits Perfectly

If you’re thinking about owning and operating a franchise, then one of the things that you should consider is the different locations where your franchise can open. For example, if you’re starting an ice cream business, you’ll want to open it in a location where it has a good chance to thrive. The following are just a few places where starting an ice cream business is a great idea:

Places for Starting an Ice Cream Business

Inside of a Mall

The mall is a great spot for an ice cream shop. Malls attract large crowds of people who tend to spend a lot of time hanging out and shopping at a number of stores. This means that you’ll get a lot of foot traffic going by your ice cream store, thereby improving your chances of attracting new and existing customers.

Additionally, as people walk around the mall, they’ll eventually want to take a break from shopping and will want to enjoy a snack, such as ice cream. Ice cream is the perfect snack for the mall as well because people can continue to walk around with their ice cream cone.

At a Baseball Stadium

Eating snacks is a big part of going to a baseball game, whether it’s a hot dog, cracker jacks, or nachos. But that’s a lot of savory snacks. Eventually, the people at the game are going to want something sweet to balance out all of that saltiness, and ice cream is the perfect option.

Everybody loves ice cream, and an ice cream cone is a nice treat for a baseball game, especially during the hotter days of the year. Baseball games tend to be filled with families as well, such as dads taking their kids to the game. If there’s anybody that loves ice cream, it’s kids!

starting an ice cream business

Near a School

Speaking of kids, opening an ice cream store nearby a school is a sure way to get the attention of one of your target demographics. Kids that walk home from school tend to hop into nearby stores on the way home for a quick treat, and they’ll be sure to grab some ice cream if you open up a nearby Marble Slab Creamery.

At a Waterpark

Starting an ice cream business near or inside a waterpark is yet another excellent strategy. People go to waterparks in droves during the summer, and ice cream is a great way to cool down during the hotter days of the year.

At the Airport

Airports, like malls, get tons of foot traffic. Thousands of people are likely to walk by your store every day (depending on the size of the airport). Many people also tend to spend quite a bit of time at the airport waiting for their flight, which means that they may look to treat themselves to a sweet snack while they attempt to keep themselves entertained.

These are just a few of the places where starting an ice cream business can put you in a great spot to thrive. If you’re interested in starting an ice cream business and want to invest in an existing franchise, then be sure to contact us at Marble Slab Creamery today for more information.

starting an ice cream business

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