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Investing in an Ice Cream Shop—Startup Costs

We often get asked, “What are the major ice cream shop startup costs, and what do they go toward?” This is a good question to ask as you investigate a franchise opportunity. A franchise requires a significant investment, so understanding the startup costs prepares you for your investment.

Ice cream shop startup costs can vary widely. Each location and owner are different, so it is difficult to pinpoint an exact dollar amount for your investment. However, knowing what your money is going toward can give you an idea of what expenses you will be incurring.

Keep reading to see what your investment will entail so there are no surprises down the line.

What Do the Ice Cream Franchise Startup Costs Go Toward?

The following are the basic startup costs that you will see when you open a Marble Slab Franchise. These are certainly not the only expenses as you open your business. Think of this is as a starting point for your investment.

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee makes up a significant part of your investment. Essentially, the franchise fee is what grants you license to use the company’s name, logos, and trademarks. When you invest in a Marble Slab franchise, for example, the franchise fee gets you access to our huge brand network and everything that sets us apart.

There are numerous benefits of joining us. Some of the things that our franchise fee gets you include:

  • Marketing and opening support
  • Real estate assistance
  • Nationally recognized brand name
  • Network of professionals


Before your business can open you need to attract customers through marketing. Part of your startup costs include marketing expenses that help you create a buzz around your franchise. Use all of the resources at your disposal—including radio, TV, print, and online—to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Opening Inventory

It goes without saying that a portion of your ice cream shop startup costs should include ice cream. Your opening inventory represents a relatively small portion of your total startup costs, but it is one of the most important. Getting quality ingredients for your ice cream shop will make a big difference in your products.

Site and Build-out Costs

The right site is essential to your business. Once you have found the perfect location to sell ice cream, there are a few expenses associated with it in addition to rent and utilities. Depending on the quality of the building, you may need to invest some money in making improvements or cosmetic changes. In addition, don’t forget about décor, furniture, signage, and equipment, all of which turn your store into somewhere customers want to be.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Detailed Investment Info?

If you are looking for detailed ice cream shop startup costs from Marble Slab, you can request our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD. This document is an essential part of the research process, as it has detailed information about our brand and your investment. In addition to detailed financial estimates, the FDD contains information about our history, our other franchisees, and more.

You can get the FDD by requesting information from us! It’s one of the first steps in getting started as a Marble Slab franchisee!

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