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Ice Cream Franchising in Arizona

Selling ice cream in the desert may be a great prospect for an individual that wishes to open a Marble Slab Creamery franchise location. Arizona offers franchisees plenty of places where the climate soars over a hundred degrees on most days, which could be ideal for peddling ice cream. Arizona also offers a variety of different lifestyles, depending on the area which is chosen for relocation. Franchisees can explore the many opportunities for life and work that Arizona has to offer.

Franchise Opportunities in Arizona

Casa Grande

Casa Grande is a city of about 48,571 that is located between Tucson and Phoenix. Casa Grande has an arid desert climate, with an average winter low of 38 and an average summer high of 105. The city is growing at a fast pace, with the population nearly doubling since the year 2000. The proximity of Casa Grande to the larger cities makes the city something of a “bedroom community,” with many residents commuting to Tucson or Phoenix for work and entertainment. The area is lacking in businesses, which have just started to come into Casa Grande. Franchisees may wish to take advantage of this growing demand for commerce within the city limits and open a location in Casa Grande, rather than one of the larger cities.

Camp Verde

A town with a population of 10,873 as of the latest census, Camp Verde offers franchisees a no-pressure way of life. Camp Verde is very community focused and takes pride in being a great place to raise a family. The climate in Camp Verde varies by the season, with summers being very hot and winters being mild to cold with some snowfall. Camp Verde has a variety of natural scenery, including the Verde River, a view of the mountains, fields, and forests. City residents can enjoy outdoor activities, visit the Cliff Castle Casino, or go to one of the many festivals that are hosted by the city throughout the year.


For franchisees that enjoy life in a larger city, Mesa has a population of around 439,041. Mesa is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert and has a desert climate with very hot summers, mild winters, and cool to cold nights. Mesa has a rich history, with many properties throughout the city being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mesa offers residents many acres of parkland to enjoy the natural desert scenery. For entertainment, city residents can play on one of the many championship golf courses, visit one of the city’s museums, or have a family fun day at the Golfland Sunsplash Waterpark.

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