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How Franchisees Benefit From the Already-Established Brand Name

The debate between starting a small business and investing in a franchise is an ancient one, but what many entrepreneurs do not realize is just how many benefits an ice cream franchise opportunity comes with. Investing in an established brand that is already well-known provides an advantage that small businesses do not have and it can save a lot of time and money in the process. Here is how franchisees can benefit by investing in an ice cream franchise opportunity through Marble Slab Creamery.

ice cream franchise opportunity

A Clear Investment that Provides What You Need

One of the best things about franchises is that they have a clear investment that lays out the costs to get started. Small business owners go in not knowing how much they will actually have to invest to get started, and they may not be prepared for any surprise costs as they continue on with their ice cream shop. With a Marble Slab franchise, the total investment is outlined prior to potential franchisees investing, so there are little-to-no surprises as you get started. In addition to their website, Marble Slab provides further insight into their costs in the franchise disclosure document (FDD), so franchisees know nearly everything they need to know about their ice cream franchise opportunity.

Why Own Just One Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity When You Can Own Two?

Another benefit of investing in an ice cream franchise opportunity is the ability to own multiple units. Marble Slab’s business model enables franchisees to invest in multiple franchises at different locations to bring a higher potential profit margin. This opens up more opportunities for franchisees that may not have been available to those who own their own ice cream shop. Franchisees have the recognizable brand behind their location that allows them to open in traditional locations such as malls, but even non-traditional locations such as airports, concert and entertainment venues, and more.

In addition, Marble Slab is part of a larger umbrella of brands under Global Franchise Group (GFG). This brings the unique opportunity to co-brand. GFG has five well-known and established brands that are perfect for both individual and co-branding franchise opportunities. A popular co-brand is between Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookie, another dessert franchise. Together they make a great pairing and complement each other as dessert franchises specializing in different products.

Ability to Choose a Beneficial Location

Although ice cream franchises have a lot of benefits, they still have a lot of competition. This is why  Marble Slab has determined site requirements for the brand. In addition, there are international opportunities that franchisees can invest in to bring the unique concept and menu of Marble Slab to any country in the world.

Overall, there are many benefits to choosing an ice cream franchise opportunity over investing in a small business, and Marble Slab has the ability to show you that. With ample opportunities and a team that is willing to meet new and potential franchisees to assure they have what they need to be successful, Marble Slab Creamery could be the perfect ice cream franchise opportunity for you.

For more information about Marble Slab Creamery and the investment, visit our franchise toolkit.

ice cream franchise opportunity

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