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How Chains and Franchises Can Tap into Social Media Influencers

First things first: What is a social media influencer?

An influencer is someone who uses his or her popularity to recommend products. A type of influencer marketing that you are probably familiar with is the celebrity endorsement, where a famous actor, musician, or athlete recommends a product. Now, in the golden age of social media, an influencer can be virtually anyone, as regular people can build up enormous social media followings.


So, how can a franchise use social media influencers?

If you invest in a franchise, you want to maximize your marketing strategies, including social media for chain businesses. Using social media for chain businesses—even as a franchise owner—should be a key part of the way you market. Here are a few tips for making the most of social media and using influencers in your marketing.

Build a following

What is the rule of thumb for social media? Get followers. Without followers, nobody is seeing your content, period. Build up your following on all social media networks so that your efforts have a greater impact.

Here are a few tips for building up your following:

  • Share consistently
  • Use quality content that is informative but not boring
  • Follow other businesses in your industry
  • Use humor
  • Offer deals to your followers
  • Respond to comments and questions

Make your goals measurable

As with any business goal, your social media goals need to be measurable. Do some research on other local businesses and set some reasonable goals to measure the effect of your social media efforts. Some ways to measure success on social media include:

  • Engagement
  • Number of views
  • Follower increase
  • Number of likes or favorites
  • Number of retweets
  • Number of click-throughs

Choose a few of these things to measure in your social media campaigns, and treat your social media like any business goal. Try to avoid throwing content out there and hoping for the best; rather, be deliberate with what you put forth and how you measure it.

Find the right influencer

Social media for chain businesses means that you already have a certain amount of brand awareness. Use this to your advantage as you seek out an influencer to work with your franchise. Choosing an influencer means that you are choosing someone to represent your brand, so choose carefully.

As a franchise owner, finding a local influencer is a good way to bring attention to your specific location. Look for someone with a good reputation who will be able to lend an authentic voice to your business. Your influencer will post about your brand in an organic way to reach both their followers and yours.

Bottom line: Using social media influencers can help your business

This social media strategy used on a local level has real benefits for your franchise, including:

  1. Piggyback on their followers: An influencer has a significant social media following who will see your content. Ideally, these additional impressions will lead to more followers and business for you.
  2. Work with an experienced professional: Social media influencers do not have huge followings by accident: these are people who work hard and take their brands seriously. You can learn a lot about social media for your chain business by working closely with these people.
  3. Reach a new audience: In some targeted social media influencer campaigns, brands can reach a specific audience that would have been hard to target otherwise.

Marble Slab Creamery is a unique ice cream franchise. We know a thing or two about being influencers, as we are the inventors of the marble slab technique for mixing ice cream. Download our ebook to learn everything you need to know about social media for chain businesses and starting a franchise.


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