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Holiday Fun as a Marble Slab Franchisee

While most people don’t associate ice cream with the holidays, a creative franchisee can alter that perception and forge new holiday traditions with their loyal customers. Adding some holiday flair to advertisements and store decor will capture the interest of new customers while helping to initiate the association between Marble Slab Creamery and the holidays. Franchisees can also partner with other local stores in innovative ways to boost area business.

Desserts for Holiday Gatherings

Bringing a pumpkin cheesecake ice cream cake to the family Thanksgiving dinner or a turtle cake to be enjoyed at the company Christmas party may just make someone a hero. Displaying these types of ideas front and center at store locations and recommending them to customers that come in can help bring ice cream to the table during the holidays. Picture cakes with holiday themes are also a great way to remind customers that ice cream is great any time of year, especially when it is being enjoyed with loved ones.

Holiday Time at Marble Slab

Placing decorations will help bring the holiday spirit to the store. Customers passing by may be more apt to think of Marble Slab Creamery when planning out their holiday celebrations if the store is decked out for the holidays. Decorating the store can also be a fun team-building exercise that allows employees to brainstorm and get involved. Employees are much more likely to be interested and engaged in holiday functions after being allowed to help prepare.

Partnership Opportunities

Most Marble Slab Creamery locations are in close proximity to other stores that will be frequented throughout the holidays, such as retail stores. Partnering with those stores for promotions makes it convenient for customers to come to the area and save time during the holiday hustle. Creative ideas for partnering with stores can be mutually beneficial for both stores and help make customers happier.

Spirit of Giving

Giving back to the community is especially important during the holidays. Getting involved in collections for food, hosting events to raise funds, and volunteering for specific causes are all ways that a franchisee can help foster a connection with the community in which the store is located. This will help to spread good will and establish the store as a valuable part of the town or city. Helping those in need to enjoy a better holiday season will also help to elevate the community as a whole.

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