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Franchising: Expectations vs. Reality

Whether you own a franchise or are interested in joining the industry, chances are you have done some research. Perhaps you have a desire to join the ice cream business. Through blogs, articles, and other sources you learned about the franchise owner’s experience.

          • You learned about how much money franchisers make.
          • You learned how much time it takes.
          • You learned which ice cream business interests you most.

After all this research, you think you know it all. Here are some things you think you may have learned along with the reality of what franchising is actually like, especially in the ice cream business.

Do franchisees make money in the ice cream business?

The expectation is that franchise owners in the ice cream business fan themselves with hundred dollar bills while sipping lemonade out of diamond-studded glasses. Perhaps that expectation is a little exaggerated. But all franchisees get into business to make money.

The reality is that franchisees can make money. Through hard work, careful planning, and a quality brand franchisees can feel secure that their investment in the ice cream business will pay off. It may not be to the point of swimming pools filled with pudding or mansions built entirely of chocolate, but a franchise can work as an income.

Franchising is mostly sitting back watching others work

Maybe you’ve had friends that own franchises in other cities or states. You believe that since they are not close to the store they must not have to do a lot of work. The ice cream business is a spectator job on easy street.

This expectation is false. Franchisees must work hard no matter where their franchise is located. Nothing about the franchise business is easy. Sure, one brand may have a menu that is much more simple to execute and less inventory to keep track of, but in the end, you determine where you go. Focus on getting out in the community and become THE ice cream business that people in the community flock to. Brands don’t build themselves and neither do your stores. You must promote them and actively engage with your customers.

All franchises are the same. Does it matter which one I join?

Does it matter which flavor you choose when you want an ice cream cone? Of course it matters. Even a customer can tell the difference between a quality, hardworking ice cream business and a cheap ice cream shack on the corner.

No matter what you’ve read or what research you have done, the reality is that you won’t know everything about franchising until you’ve tried it. Visit marbleslabfranchise.com to learn how to get started.

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