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Franchise Expansion: Benefits of Opening More Than One Franchise

Multi-unit ownership can be very rewarding for entrepreneurs who are looking to take on a more executive or absentee role with their  new franchises. Owning more than one franchise can increase your profit margins, decrease costs for products, and minimize the time it takes to see a potential ROI. If you want to open an ice cream franchise with Marble Slab and have the liquid capital to invest in more than one, what’s stopping you? Here are four benefits of opening multiple franchises and why Marble Slab makes multi-unit ownership easy.

open an ice cream franchise

You Have Support from the Franchisor

If you have never owned multiple franchise units before, we’re here to help. We provide support to help our franchisees open an ice cream franchise, and the same goes for multi-unit owners too. When you sign the franchise agreement for your stores, we will take you through the training to run one successful location, and you can implement that training at multiple different ice cream franchises. In addition to our training, you’ll be able to hire trustworthy staff to can learn the ins and outs of your business, and who share the same values you do.

You’ll Have Better Access to Financing

With multiple franchises, you will be investing in a proven concept that has proven results. With more sources of revenue, the investors will know that you will have the means to pay them back. We don’t expect our franchisees to have all the money to become a multi-unit owner upfront, so we will assist franchisees in finding financing.

Larger Portfolio

At the end of your franchise and lease agreements, you will have the option to reap the benefits of your franchises for another term, or you can sell. With multiple units, you have a broader portfolio than if you would have only invested in one brand. What started as simply looking to open an ice cream franchise could turn into an amazing career that leaves you in a much better diversify your position than if you would have started with one brand alone.

You Can Open Franchises with Different Brands

One of the great things about deciding to open an ice cream franchise with us is your access to co-branding opportunities with all the other Global Franchise Group (GFG) brands. GFG is a brand management company that has five different restaurant brands. Each one focuses in their own specific niche segment, but many compliment each other nicely to invest in together. For example, GFG has two dessert franchises, Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies, that have a lot of potential when they are co-branded together.

Why Invest in Multiple Franchises

There are a lot of benefits to investing in multiple franchises with Marble Slab Creamery. From support to co-branding opportunities, multi-unit ownership can lead to a greater work-life balance and higher profit potential. In addition to this, Marble Slab Creamery offers flexible locations for franchises. Everyone loves ice cream, and our homemade, small batch ice cream keeps customers coming back for more. We have found that a host of locations offer a ton of potential to open an ice cream franchise, and we can work with multi-unit owners to open a location at any one of them.

If you are looking to open an ice cream franchise, or multiple franchises, learn more about us and discover why Marble Slab may be the right investment for you.

open an ice cream franchise

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