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Don’t Buy Into the “Trendy” Frozen Yogurt Franchise Scene

Frozen yogurt franchises may have become fairly popular in recent years, however, that popularity is dwindling rapidly. Why? The reason is because it’s the new “healthy yogurt kick” is merely a fad. So, if you’re trying to decide what is the best franchise to open, it’s not recommended to go with trendy frozen yogurt. Stick with something that is tried and true: an ice cream franchise. Here are a few yogurt trends that just pan out:

Trends for Ice Cream Franchises

1. People Think That Yogurt is Healthier: Definitely not true. Flavored frozen yogurt often adds a lot of sugar, increasing the calories. Many people are also starting to understand that after they add all of the creamy and fat-laden toppings, the calories are often through the roof! Customers are figuring out that the calories are similar at a yogurt or ice cream franchise.

2. Choose Your Own Menu: One of the biggest trends with frozen yogurt franchises is also becoming one of their biggest downfalls. Many ice cream franchises have also started offering customized orders. Also, many people prefer ice cream franchises because they know the price of their food when they order it (as opposed to discovering the price when you weigh your cup at the checkout).

3. Frozen Yogurt Is Replacing Ice Cream Franchises: This myth is definitely not true. While there has been a big spike in frozen yogurt franchises in the past few years, ice cream franchises are still going strong. “Why is that?” you ask. Ice cream franchises offer a rich, creamy dessert that will always be a part of our lives. Ice cream is a staple in the American diet.

4. People Spend More On Bigger Portions: One of the downfalls about a frozen yogurt shop is that they weigh your yogurt cup to determine the price. Therefore, some people end up spending $10 for a small cup, depending on how much yogurt and toppings they added. While this may seem profitable, not everyone enjoys this system. After spending way more than you think is viable for a small yogurt cup, it’s nice to go to an ice cream franchise where you know the price of the frozen treat as soon as you order it.

Don’t get caught up in the frozen yogurt “trend.” Choose a frozen dessert that has stood the test of times. Ice cream franchises aren’t going anywhere. Ice cream will forever be the leading frozen delicacy in America. Check out our website to learn how you can start your own ice cream franchise today!

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