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Creating an Ice Cream Experience

Ice cream is enticing for most children and adults, but going out for ice cream is about more than just the product. The whole experience of going out for ice cream is a special treat that has been used to motivate countless boys and girls to behave and still evokes feelings of nostalgia for many adults. Creating the ice cream shop experience for every single customer that walks into the shop will help to ensure a great ice cream franchise.

Ambiance of the Ice Cream Store

When customers walk into the store, the ambience is instantly recognizable. All aspects of the store set up, color scheme, music, and scent permeate the senses at once. This instant impression can sometimes be enough to create a customer for life or convince a customer never to come back, before the product has even been sampled. Stores should be simple and clean, but evoke feelings of whimsy and fun. The more creative and trendy the style and set-up, the more likely kids will be drawn to it.

The Friendliness Factor

The friendliness factor is critical for an ice cream shop, so franchisees should be selective when hiring. A friendly and charismatic employee can be a valuable asset that helps to delight customers and make each experience special. Since the fun factor is already built into the process of preparing the ice cream for each individual at Marble Slab Creamery, employees can add their own spin and personality to make the ice cream preparation a kind of performance.

Cleanliness and Simplicity

Customers expect a clean store, so having great cleaning systems in place will help to ensure that the perception of the store is in line with expectations. It is important to reduce the amount of clutter in the store, as decorations that are too cluttered can give the store a messy appearance. Simplicity in color schemes and decorations will also help to create the perception of the store as clean and neat.

Quality of Products

Last but not least is the quality of the product. Following the recipes and quality guidelines that are provided by Marble Slab Creamery is imperative and will help to ensure that customers have a consistent experience every time. All employees must be trained to a certain level of competency to uphold these standards. Each employee should be able to create a similar and pleasant experience for each customer. Want more info on becoming a Marble Slab Ice Cream franchisee? Click here.

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