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A Sweet Treat for the Holidays

With the festive atmosphere and the fun holiday spirit, the holidays are one of our most favorite times of the year. On top of gift giving and family parties, our customers love a sweet treat as they shop around for their loved ones. When our customers get to create their own custom ice cream creations, choose their own mix-ins, and then get to watch their creation being made in front of their eyes, what could be a better experience?

Franchising with Marble Slab

As a prospective franchisee of our Marble Slab dessert franchise, you might be wondering how investing in this franchise will benefit you. But when you invest in a strong business model like the one we have, your franchise is sure to thrive and quickly reap from those benefits. We have over three-hundred and fifty locations open worldwide which we contribute to an incredible business model that works. You can benefit from this too when you invest in a franchise with us.

Did you know that when you open a store with us, we’ll be with you every step of the way? From initial contact to choosing a location to keeping your business running, you’ll never be in the dark about anything. If a piece of equipment breaks, give us a call. If you have a simple question, give us a call. If you have questions about hiring a staff, give us a call. We mean it when we say that we’re standing by to give you all the help and support that you might need to run a flourishing dessert franchise.

A Dessert Franchise Worthy of Investment

When you invest in a dessert franchise like Marble Slab, you invest in the smiles of each customer who tries your custom-made premium ice cream. Especially during the holidays this winter season, our premium ice cream is sure to draw in a lot of customers who want a sweet treat after a long day of shopping. Sweets are super popular during the holidays, so that’s what draws in a lot of people to our business. Ice cream not only makes for a great snack, but it also is a great gift as well.

As far as franchises go, our franchise is a low-cost franchise investment that quickly pays itself off. When you invest in this dessert franchise, your store can be open somewhere between thirty and ninety days from the day of your first inquiry. When you’re able to open a franchise with us so soon after initial contact, what could make for a better dessert franchise opportunity?

Is Marble Slab Creamery the Right Investment for You?

Is Marble Slab Creamery the right type of investment for you? The best way to find out about this gourmet dessert franchise is to contact us to see how you can become an owner of our Marble Slab Creamery franchise. Are you ready to start putting smiles on customer’s faces this holiday season?

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