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5 Answers to the Most Common FAQs about an Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity

If you’re looking into your options for an ice cream franchise opportunity, chances are you have some questions. At Marble Slab, we fully encourage all prospective franchisees to ask as many questions as they need to get to know the business, our processes, and an outlook for their future as a franchise owner. Take a look at some FAQs that are commonly asked by potential franchisees.

Why Should I Own an Ice Cream Franchise?

An ice cream franchise is a unique business to own. At Marble Slab, our streamlined and simple operations make for a cost-effective investment. To add to the list, ice cream has a special way of simply bringing joy to customers around the world. By providing your customers with a tasty frozen treat, you’ll provide them with a smile and an extra reason to be happy.

How Much Does an Ice Cream Franchise Cost?

Depending on the ice cream franchise opportunity you’re looking at, the costs will vary. Franchisees will also need to pay other costs, such as building out the store, location-related costs, and the like. Marble Slab franchisees will also pay regular royalties, which equate to six percent of gross sales minus tax.

Will I Receive Franchise Support?

Marble Slab takes pride in ensuring that each of our franchisees is fully-supported and 100% confident in their daily operations. We’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to learn the ropes and get set up. Even after your franchise has hit the ground running, our doors are always open to provide ongoing support for the lifetime of your partnership with us.

Can I Acquire More Than One Store?

Yes. One of the great things about an ice cream franchise opportunity with Marble Slab is that our units are easy-to-execute with a small footprint that allows for flexibility in development. We’re also affiliated with America’s favorite snack brands Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, and Hot Dog on a Stick. This means that if the opportunity is right, you can open several stores with any combination of these brands.

What Makes a Great Franchisee?

We’re glad you asked! Simply put: franchising is not for everyone. It takes a special combination of business savvy, determination, dedication, and creativity. The best franchisees stick to the books, but also know when the right time comes to use creative thinking to solve problems and strategize new ways to grow their business. Learn more today.

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