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18 Delicious Treats You Could Sell as a Fast-Food Franchisee

Franchises give entrepreneurs access to established brands, proven formulas, and helpful support — making them attractive ventures to current and prospective business owners. Fast-food franchises, in particular, are especially appealing to burgeoning entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at the varied opportunities within the fast-food franchise industry such as Marble Slab Creamery, along with why the industry is so promising.

Fast-Food Franchises Serve More than Hamburgers

While the country’s hamburger chains may be the most iconic fast-food franchises, they’re only one type of fast-food franchise. Any quick-service restaurant that’s franchised falls into this category. As an owner of a fast food franchise, you could sell any of these 18 treats:

  1. breakfast foods, including bagels, pastries, or donuts
  2. sweet treats such as cookies, cinnamon buns, or ice cream
  3. beverages like coffee or fruit smoothies
  4. snacks, possibly pretzels
  5. quick meals, including burgers, pizzas, soups, and sandwiches

From the simple to the gourmet, franchises are serving up all kinds of foods that people love. You could invest in everything from delicious delicacies to simple staples.

Fast-Food Franchises Have Low Start-Up and Ongoing Costs

Compared to other franchise opportunities, fast-food franchises are particularly attractive because they have comparatively low start-up costs and ongoing expenses.

First, locations are typically smaller than full-service restaurants, and they certainly require less space than an auto garage or spa. Because of their relatively small spaces, build-out costs are lower for fast food franchises. Rent — one of the largest expenses of any business — is also lower than it would be for a franchise that requires more space (provided they’re in the same location).

Second, fast-food franchises don’t require carrying expensive inventory. Even if your franchise sells lobster sashimi, the wholesale price of lobster is much lower than the cost of car tires or retail wares. Because the inventory for a fast-food franchise costs less than that of most franchises, cash-flow management is easier with a fast-food franchise.

Fast-Food Franchisees Need Little Specialized Knowledge

Unlike other franchises, such as auto garages or jewelry stores, fast-food franchises require little specialized knowledge. Aside from basic business practices, the most specialized thing you need to know is how to prepare food — something many people learn at their first job during high school or college.

Franchisors Provide Training and Support

On everything from food prep to business strategy, you’ll have plenty of support. The franchisor you sign on with will show you how to prepare the food, and they’ll have suggestions on location selection, store setup, and marketing. They’ll also help with employee training by providing materials.

When you go into business as a fast-food franchisee, you won’t be alone. We will be there to provide support and assistance.

If you’re looking for a great franchising opportunity, contact us to find out more about this exciting opportunity. A fast-food franchise such as Marble Slab may just be the right business for you, and we’d love to help you explore the possibility of opening one.

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