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Franchising: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Top Fast Food Franchises 2015

Note: The following stats, facts, and data are not specific to Marble Slab, but are written for franchising in general.  Stats, facts, and data came from azfranchises.com.

This year is an excellent year to invest in a franchise, especially in a fast food franchise like Marble Slab. If you feel uneasy about putting your name down on the ice cream franchise list and want further proof first, just check out some of the following statistics:

Did you know “one out of every 12 businesses in the United States is a franchise business?”

Count the number of stores you pass when you drive down the street. For every dozen that you count, one is a franchise business. That means it is owned by a larger corporation. The store you see is paying for the company’s trademark and running a legal business under the corporation’s name.

For example, every Marble Slab ice cream franchise you pass is managed by a different franchisee, but the name “Marble Slab” is owned by a larger corporation. The benefit for the corporation is that the larger corporation can spread their company across the country but not have to be present to manage each of those locations. The benefit for the franchisee is that they can start a business with great brand recognition right off the start.

Did you know “the average length of an ice cream franchise contract is 10 years?”

In case you were considering adding your name to the ice cream franchise list, you can feel assured that your investment can be long term. This statistic doesn’t guarantee the length of a franchise contract, but it can give you an estimate as to the amount of time you can invest in a franchise.

Did you know that “most franchise companies have fewer than 100 units?”

The number of franchising locations does not dictate how well the company is doing. For example, if you look at an ice cream franchise list for Marble Slab, you will see that it doesn’t have a location in every state, but they still have over two-hundred locations in the United States. Many more Marble Slab stores can be found all around the world.

Did you know that the “top franchise business industry is Fast Food?

The fast food industry has become incredibly popular over the years, now the top franchise business industry today. Due to everyone’s increasingly busy schedules and their need to get somewhere quickly, the fast food industry has made it so obtaining delicious food has become not only a few short minutes in line, but also cheap too.

Did you know that “it is estimated that the franchise industry accounts for approximately 50% of all retail sales in the US?”

This fact alone shows just how substantial the franchise industry has become. This is half of all sales in the entire United States! If anything, this shows that an investment in the franchising industry is a great venture to pursue.

If you found these statistics helpful, you may be a good candidate for running your own Marble Slab ice cream franchise. For information on how you can save more than $75,000 by opening franchises with Marble Slab, click here.

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